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  When a consumer finds that an item she or he bought is faulty or in some other way does not live up to the manufacturer' s claim for it, the first step is to present the warranty(保单), or any other records which might help, at the store of purchase. In most cases, this action will produce results. However, if it does not, there are various means the consumer may use to gain satisfaction.

  A simple and common method used by many consumers is to complain directly to the store manager. In general, the “higher up” the consumer takes his or her complaint, the faster he or she can expect it to be settled. In such a case, it is usually settled in the consumer' s favour, assuming he or she has a just claim.

pk10帐号注册  Consumers shoud complain in person whenever possible, but if they cannot get to the place of purchase, it is acceptable to phone or write the complaint in a letter.

  Complaining is usually most effective when it is done politely but firmly, and especially when the consumer can demonstrate what is wrong with the item in question。 If this cannot be done, the consumer will succeed best by presenting specific information as to what is wrong, rather than by making general statements。 For example, “The left speaker does not work at all and the sound coming out of the right one is unclear” is better than “This stereo(立体声音响)does not work。”

  The store manager may advise the consumer to write to the manufacturer. If so, the consumer should do this, stating the complaint as politely and as firmly as possible. But if a polite complaint does not achieve the desired result, the consumer can go a step further. She or he can threaten to take the seller to court or report the seller to a private or public organization responsible for protecting consumers' rights.

  21.When a consumer finds that his purchase has a fault in it, the first thing he should do is to ______.

  A. complain personally to the manager

pk10帐号注册  B. threaten to take the matter to court

  C. write a firm letter of complaint to the store of purchase

  D. show some written proof of the purchase to the store


  22.If a consumer wants a quick settlement of his problem, it' s better to complain to ______.

  A. a shop assistant

  B. the store manager

pk10帐号注册  C. the manufacturer

  D。 a public organization


  23. The most effective complaint can be made by ______.

  A. showing the faulty item to the manufacturer

  B。 explaining exactly what is wrong with the item

  C. saying firmly that the item is of poor quality

  D. asking politely to change the item


  24。 The phrase “live up to” (Para。 1, Line 2)in the context means ______。

  A. meet the standard of

  B. realize the purpose of

  C. fulfil the demands of

  D。 keep the promise of


  25. Tthe passage tells us ______.

  A。 how to settle a consumer' s complaint about a faulty item

  B. how to make an effective complaint about a faulty item

  C。 how to avoid buying a faulty item

  D。 how to deal with complaints from customers




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