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  1.A.snow C.ask

pk10帐号注册  2。A。lunch B。beach C。machine D。chair

  3.A.cut B.human C.luch


  5。A。now B。show C。grow D。yellow


  6.The weather report says itagain tomorrow.

  A。rained B。rains

  C.has rained D.will rain

  7.Bill has a very high price for the car.

  A.spent B.paid

pk10帐号注册  C.bought D.cost

  8。Tom attended evening school for month or two。;the B.the;a

  C。an;不填 D。不填;the

  9.Spring is by far time to visit the island.

pk10帐号注册  A.the better B.better

  C.the best

  10.The next morning people found the world outside their houses completely


  A.changing B.change

  C。to change D。changed

  11。These books should not be from the library。

  A。taken off B。taken away

  C.taken over D.taken down

  12.There is nobody here in the office they have all gone home.

  A.must B.can

  C。would D。should

  13。Mary looks great this pair of trousers。 D.on

  14.-------Will you please open the door for me?


  A.My pleasure B.Yes,please

  C.You’re welcome D.Not at all

  15.James got lost in the city, he had to ask for help. B.or

  C.for D.but

  16.By the time I got home,my grandmother the dinner and was watching TV.

  A.prepared B.prepares

  C.had prepared D.has prepared

  17.The reason the president kept silent is still unknown.


  C。what D。when

  18.Dogs have a very sense of smell.

  A.clear B.nice

  C.high D.good

  19.Mrs. Smith persuaded her husbthe right thing.


  C。doing D。to do

  20.My parents and I could`t get into the house last night because of us had the key.

  A.either B.all

  C.none D.neither

pk10帐号注册  三、完形填空:共15小题;每题2分,共30分。通读下面的短文,把握其大意。然后,从每小题的四个选项中选出可填入相应空白处的最佳选项。

  In nearly every town or city recent in the UK,on most days of the week you can find one or more people standing in the street selling a magazine 21 The Big Issue. These people are all 22 ,but they are not begging for money. 23 ,they are selling the magazine as a means(手段) of 24 s small but respectable living.

  The Big Issue magazine was 25 in 1991 by Jon Bird and Gordon Roddick after they 26 that there were many homeless people who were

  27 On the streets of London.On a previous(之前的) 28 to New York,one of them had seen homeless people selling a newspaper known as Street News 29 they decided to set up something 30 in the British capital.

  Nowadays,The Big Issue has 31 all over the UK and there are even different versions(版本)of the magazine in different parts of the 32 。The sellers buy each magazine from the organi-zation for seventy pence and then dell it to a 33 for one pound fifty。By working with The Big Issue,many people have been 34 to escape from homelessness,and 35 many of them have moved on to new jobs and new lives。

  21.A.speltB.printed C.stuck D.called

  22.A.homeless B.healthy C.single D.impolite

  23.A.Besides B.Instead C.Therefore D.Anyhow

  24.A.enjoying B.changing C.improving D.making

  25.A.started B.recognized C.written D.found

  26.A.hoped B.forgot C.doubted D.saw B.driving C.working D.drawing

  28.A.entrance B.visit C.flight D.way

  29。A。but B。or C。and D。for

  30.A.personal B.similar C.friendly D.natural

pk10帐号注册  31.A.landed B.broken C.floated D.spread

  33。A。painter B。reporter C。reader D。listener

  34。A。helped B。asked C。forced D。needed

  35。A。now and then B。in the end C。in a hurry D。all the time



  In 2008,the United States Department of Agriculture(USDA)wanted to know if all the school lunches served to students were healthy. The answer was a big, fat NO!

  The USDA found that most American schools served lunches with too much fat and salt. They also found that most of the fruits and vegetables in the lunches came from cans(罐头).Canned fruits and vegetables are not as good as fresh ones.

  The USDA gives schools food and money to make lunches. But schools make up their own menus. Some make healthy lunches.Most do not. Now the USDA wants all schools to serve more healthy lunches. They want schools to follow the USDA’s guidelines for balanced(均衡)meals.

  Mike Sanders,in charge of the USDA in 2008, said the USDA should teach school workers how to make healthier lunches.“A good school lunch is just as important as a good textbook,”Sanders said. He said that children also need to learn about healthy foods.

  The USDA is working on a new program-Fresh Start,It will give schools more fresh fruits and vegetables,Fresh Start will also help schools change their lunches to make them healthier。 To find the best way to change lunches,the USDA held meetings with parents,school leaders, doctors,and cooks。

  Children already eat healthy lunches at Chief Joseph School in North Saratoga,Oregon. They have whole-wheat bread with low-fat cheese,and low-fat milk.

  36.What did the USDA find about lunches in most American schools in 2008?

  A.They contained too much fat and salt.

  B。They were mostly fruits and vegetables。

  C。Most of them were healthy。

  D.Most of them were canned food.

pk10帐号注册  37.What are schools required to do to make the lunches healthy?

pk10帐号注册  A.Make up new guidelines.

  B.Provide balanced meals.

  C.Cook with more vegetables.

  D.Design their own menus.

  38.What was Mike Sanders?

  A.A school headmaster.

  B.An office secretary.

  C.The director of Fresh Start.

  D。The head of the USDA。

  39。What is the goal of the Fresh Start program ?

  A.Employing good cooks for schools.

  B.Selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

  C.Finding a better way to talk with parents.

  D。Helping improve the school lunches。


  Magic (魔法)often forces us not to believe our own eyes or even appears to be breaking the laws of physics or nature! The word “magic”has many different meanings. When a bird appears in a hat or when someone s that he could see into the future-both can be called magic. When a sick person suddenly becomes well or a well person (or even animal) becomes ill,magic is the cause.The British author Terry Pratchett uses magic a great deal in his popular Discworld series of books.

  Magic has always been used for fun。People enjoy working out in which cup the little ball is or how he knows which card I was thinking of。 Harry Houdini was one of the first world-famous magicians-famous for escaping from deadly situations。 Recently David Copperfield, or David Blane,has become very popular for his “unbelievable abilities”,such as making the Statue of Liberty disappear or rise。

  Magical rings and three-headed dogs may not be real, but dose this mean nothing magical really exists? Can you always explain how the magician has done the card trick? Maybe it is better not to explain, but to leave a little magic in our lives.Pick a card, any card......

  40.The author explains what magic is in paragraph 1 by .

  A。giving causes and effects

  B.using examples

  C。comparing a healthy person with a sick one

pk10帐号注册  D。listing the time of magical events

  41.Who is mentioned as a great escape artist?

  A.Harry Houdini B.David Blane

  C。David Copperfield D。Terry Pratchett

pk10帐号注册  42.What does the author think of magic?

  A。It provides people with fun

  B.It changes our lives

  C.It explains strange things in our lives

  D.It breaks the laws of physics


  “Troublemaker” was what was given to my friend Peter by his teachers。They also said that he had no future and no hope! But now I suggest that anyone who said that should say “sorry” to him。

  Peter finished Grade Nine,and then he went to study at a technical college.He became a leader of a group of bad boys.After graduation he had nothing to do, so he just hung around by the market with his friends.

  It looked like nothing could change his life.It was not until the day that his father died.He left the boys and went to help his mother who sold food by the roadside.

  He really pitied his mum and wanted to do something to support her。He loved reading cartoon(漫画)books and had been collecting them for years,so he decided that he should sell them。 Soon he realized that his books were very popular。 So he made up his mind to set up his own business。He went around buying cartoon books from other people。 He bought them for 25% and then sold them for half price。

  These days,he doesn’t have to go around looking for cartoon books because there are always people coming to his shop to sell their old ones. He now has a monthly income of about 55000 baht(泰铢).

  He was a “troublemaker” to his teachers but he is a hero to me。 If you are judged by your teachers as a “bad student”, I suggest you ignore what they say。 Just do your best in everything。 Don’t give up so easily。Believe me, one day you could be successful,too。

pk10帐号注册  43.Why does the author think some people should say “sorry” to peter?

pk10帐号注册  A.They considered him hopeless

pk10帐号注册  B.They refused to help him

  C。They made him give up his friends

  D.They looked down on his parents

  44.What did Peter do after his father died?

  A。He learnt to draw pictures

  B。He worked at a market

  C.He continued his college studies

  D.He started his own business

  45.How does Peter get second-hand cartoon books now?

  A.He goes around collecting them

  B。He buys them from bookstores

  C.He waits for people to sell them to him

  D.He borrows them from his friends

  46。The word ignore in paragraph 6 is closest in meaning

  to .

  A。pay no attention to B。take no interest in

pk10帐号注册  C.stick to D.believe in


  Welcome to North Road Medical Centre! We are open from 8:30 a。m。 Until 6 p。m。 Monday to Friday。Appointments(预约)with the doctors and nurses are acceptable both morning and afternoon。However, a same-day appointment may not necessarily be with your usual doctor。 Patients may be seen by any member of the team。

  If you decide to register(注册)with us,please speak to one of our receptionists(接诊员)。 You will need to complete a registration from。 Each new patient is asked to answer some medical questions。You should also make an appointment to see one of the nurses for a health check soon after registering。 There is sometimes a delay in handing over medical records from your earlier doctor, and this appointment gives us valuable information about your health。

  The Out of Hours Service is reachable from 6:30 p。m。 Until 8a。m。 Monday to Friday; at weekends from 6:30p。m。 Friday to 8a。m。 Monday。 Telephone 0845-345-8995 to talk to the Out of Hours Service。 They will have a doctor get in touch with you。

  For medical advice,you can call NHS Direct(24 hours)on 0845-4647 or through the Internet at You can always get advice over the telephone.

  If you are too ill to come to the medical centre, you can ask for a home visit over the telephone. Most visits by doctors are made between 12 noon and 3 p.m. If you are able to phone before 11 a.m.,this helps us to plan the day.

  47。What can be learnt from paragraph 1?

  A.Doctors and nurses work six hours a day.

  B.The centre opens all week round.

pk10帐号注册  C。A same-day appointment may not be with the usual doctor。

  D。Appointments are not accepted in the afternoon。

  48.What is a new patient advised to do after registration?

  A.Hand over medical records.

pk10帐号注册  B。Take a health check。

  C.Complete an information form.

  D.Ask some medical questions.

  49。If you need the help of the Out of Hours Service,you may 。

  A.telephone 0845-4647 0845-345-8995

  C。visit the NHS Direct website

  D。get in touch with a doctor

pk10帐号注册  50。When do most doctors go for a home visit?

  A。From 6:30p。m。 to 8a。m。 B。Before 11 a。m。

  C。Between 12 noon and 3 p。m。 D。From 8:30 a。m。 to 6 p。m。



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