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  1._______D_____ the students request, the teacher has begun to give them more chances to

  speak in class。

  A。 To answer to

  B. To reply to

  C。 In responsibility for

  D。 In answer to

  2.The kid ___B_______ his homework immediately after getting home from school.

  A. set up B. set to

  C. set off D. set out

  3。But I‘ve hidden a treasure in my orchard ______D____ you ___________。

pk10帐号注册  A。 of,to find

  B. for,find

pk10帐号注册  C. of,finding

  D. for„to find

  4.The price was fair. And they _______D____ the bargain delightedly.

pk10帐号注册  A. agreed B. denied

  C. accept D. struck

  5。I will pay you in pure gold ____B____ 。

  A. to what I eat B. for what I eat

  C。 to what do I eat D。 for what do I eat

  6.He helped us entirely out of _____D___ , not for money

  A. kind B. kindly

  C。 kinder D。 kindness

  7。After five miles, Tara felt tired and started to _____D______

  A. leave behind B. keep behind

  C。 stay behindly D。 fall behind

  8.Hurry up! Everyone is waiting ____B_______.

  A。 for you finishing your make-up

  B. for you to finish your make-up

  C. for you to have finished your make-up

  D。 for your finish

  9.It is part of a teacher‘s job ___C______ self-confidence _________ his or her students.

  A. to place ,on B. to put , into

  C. to instill, in D. to jam , into

  10。Looking deep ____C___ his student‘s eyes, the teacher said seriously, “Tell me the truth。“

  A. at B. for

  C。 onto D。 into

  11。At that moment, few people _____B______ the danger ahead。

  A. were awaring of B. were aware of

  C。 were aware that D。 were aware for

  12.When the ticket collector(查票员)asked him to show his ticket, he pretended to ___D____ it in his pocket.

  A。 fumble at B。 fumble to

  C. fumble on D. fumble for

  13。Time is urgent。 We must finish the work today _____D___。

  A. in the case B. in case

  C。 in no case D。 in any case

  14。It is this picture ___A_____ I want to show you。

  A。 that B。 which

  C。 what D。 how

  15。How can she lead a full and happy life if she feels we blame her __D_____ her sister‘s death

  A。 at B。 on

  C. in D. for

  16。Professors can only_C_____for you to create learning through your own actions。

  A. make a platform B. work out a stage

  C. set the stage D. set aside a room

  17.Adjusting your learning style____A__your teacher‘s will be to your advantage.

  A. to B. at

  C。 for D。 with

pk10帐号注册  18。We ____B__ an old friend when we were having dinner at a restaurant。

  A. went across B. came across

  C. went cross D. came cross

  19.He works hard only before examinations. In fact, he is very lazy____C______.

pk10帐号注册  A. sometimes B. other time

  C. at other times D. at times

  20.Successful language learners ______D______ make mistakes and try again.

  A. willing B. are to

  C. are D. are willing to




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